Wedding Logistics Ideas

Welcome to the era of designer marriages!

It is perhaps retrograde to think back to those cliched nostalgic days when a marriage meant a family gathering of close friends and relatives, announced by a simple wedding card, where the guests were served the traditional Indian cuisine, and gifts, if any, for the “baraatis” entailed slipping in some cash into a plain envelope.

The trend today is thematic. Wedding logistics these days have become the focal point where tradition and modernity coexist, and if you are ready to be innovative, and have the money to spend; you can have a designer wedding in any theme of your choice.

Here is what you should do?

Think of a Wedding Logistics Ideas and concept – the first and foremost thing to begin with is to conceptualize a theme, this would depend on a number of factors, your budget, the venue, the ceremony, and your personal preference for a theme for each ceremony.

The Road Map towards Perfect wedding logistics Planning – –

  • Invitations & Gifts – There are a number of wedding logistic ideas for invitation cards and return wedding gift ideas available these days, if you are planning to have a theme wedding, or different themes for different ceremonies, we suggest you coordinate your cards, stationery and even gifts to match the mood and color of the theme.
  • Dress Code – It is, perhaps, a bit difficult to control what your guests will wear, especially at a wedding, but if you plan, you can establish a dress or a color code to go with a particular theme, which makes your party different and attention catching. Dress codes can at least be planned for the immediate members of the family, think how dramatic and colorful a Rajasthani theme would be with the men sporting bandhini headgears, and the girls in flowing bandhej odhinis welcoming the guests with the traditional “Thaali” greeting.
  • Planning the Décor – This entails transforming the venue, be it the interiors of a hotel or a banquet hall, or a mega sized farmhouse into one that fits with the theme, such as simulating an oasis with tented canopies & palm trees for an Arabian Night theme, or sourcing and recreating props, to produce replicas of eras gone by for a theme on Period Movies or Prince Edwardian Era and even Krishan Leela!
  • Coordination of Flowers – No Indian Wedding Logistics are complete if the flowers and flower arrangements do not match the décor or the theme, whether you go in for a Japanese or an European ambience, make sure you have right tulips or orchids or the “ikebana” arrangements, as the case may be, even if these have to be specially flown in for the occasion, the only thing you need to do is specify your budgets!
  • Lighting Coordination – Lighting is another very important Wedding Logistics in the implementation of a theme, be it ‘diyas’, or perfumed candles floating in the pool, bonfires or the old fashioned gas lanterns, and the ultra modern pyrotechnic lights.
  • Cuisine – No longer does the cuisine need to be only Indian at a wedding, in keeping with the themes, we can offer you the choice of gastronomic delights, from the conventional Rajasthani, Marwari and Kashmiri to Chinese and Continental, to the more daring Goan, Japanese or Mexican.
  • Entertainment – Another most essential Wedding Logistics Ideas is entertainment, be it dancers, bands, DJ’s or Ghazal singers.