Wedding Decor

Complete Integrated Wedding Decoration & Reception Decor Services

Make your wedding day a dream come true with the perfect wedding decoration in India, color scheme, floral arrangements and design features to suit your every whim, and budget. Wedding consultant and wedding Planner Neeta Raheja self-coordinate inate and manage everything, from decorating the tables to gorgeous chair linen, fresh floral designs, beautiful draping and unique centerpieces.

Wedding Decoration in India sets the atmosphere of the day that is why they have to be the class at par. Together we can explore various themes and decorate your wedding venues accordingly. You can choose from our vast range of themes and customize them as per your requirements. Personalize your wedding decoration and explore themes from western, classical to those with a difference.

The essentials for a great wedding planning are:

  • Fix the Date. (Pre Wedding & Post Wedding Functions)
  • To begin with is your guest list. A complete guest list comprises of Full names, Addresses, contact no’s and Email addresses.
  • A budget for your wedding decoration. Very important to know the overall budget you are looking at.
  • Hire a Wedding Planner.
  • Listing down various functions, you wish to host.
  • Then decide, whether you wish to have a destination wedding, wedding in your home base, or the blend of the two.
  • Decide on the venues, and begin working on confirmation on main vendors. ( Invites, Caterers, Entertainment, Photographer and Makeup Artist)
  • Have a diary, where you keep noting down, your wish list, your priorities, appointments etc.
  • Have a countdown calendar for each month, to make planning organized.

Key Elements of a Great and Simple Wedding Decoration:

With the element of attention to detail – we bring to life perfect romantic set up for the union of two into one. Our prime effort is to combine advanced technology and refined craftsmanship, giving each wedding a unique stamp of your individuality. We decorate wedding and keep the set up functional right from inception to conception. Here is how we create the ambience you desire

  • Weather: to be decided depending on the month the functions are taking place.
  • Guest List: The place should not be too big, so guests get lost, or too cramped.
  • The theme of the function: depending on what set up you wish to do, for e.g. for a Mehendi, if the weather allows, open space is always suggested, as lots of fun elements can be worked on.
  • A venue, which has inside and outside space, is always a suggested venue, especially for a cocktail and/ or wedding affair.
  • Naturally Beautiful: Venues which are naturally beautiful, always lends a lot in making the decor look more magnificent and glamorous.

Signature Design Elements For A Great Indian Wedding Decoration

  • Decor with respect to the season: Using colors with accordance to the weather of the location is very essential. Using Velvet Fabric for winter weddings, or pretty European floral fabric for spring weddings, truly makes the decor very soothing.
  • Flowers (Fresh and Silk Flowers): Either using seasonal flowers, or one-two kind of flower, (e.g. just roses, blended with orchids) make the decor look very classy!! Also adding silk flowers lends a lot of glamour to the floral arrangements.
  • Right Elements for each function: Elements like candles and perfect lighting for a cocktail function, or fruits and berries for a champagne brunch, or feather and colorful tea pot for a Mehendi function, make the decor look fun and unique.
  • Personalization: Adding personalized standees, or placards for table arrangements, or signature menu on each table, adds a lot of personalization to the decor affair.

Specialized in offering Unique Wedding Gifts within budget:

Are you thinking of wedding gifts as unique as your love? Bring your tale of romance to us and let us compliment your story with personalized wedding logistics experience for each guest that aisthere to be part your union.  We genuinely, can’t talk about one particular bride, but rather quite a few, who came up with a wish list or desires, which was so overwhelming to fulfill. Here is a glance of what we have to offer –

  • Bridesmaid most special: She wanted her 30 bridesmaids, to be dressed, similar yet different for her Mehendi function. She wanted to gift each of them a Sari from Jaipur, of various shades of same design and blouses, customized as per each bridesmaid wish list.
  • Guests absolutely pampered: One of the brides wanted, each day, all the guests, who had traveled from all over and were being hosted at the hotel  (75 rooms) for 3 nights, for Delhi based wedding, to be pampered with wedding gifts each day. Apart from that, fliers with the highlight of the day to be slipped through the rooms every morning. Also, a Delhi Tour and Agra Day Trip was organized for them, to make every minute and moment memorable.
  • The Welfare of unprivileged artists: One of the bride and her family, who are also art lovers, wanted that something special to be created, which contributes to the welfare of unprivileged artists. Finally, we worked on it and got beautiful boxes painted, which was painted by these artists. Each box was differently handcrafted through their palette. These beautiful boxes were truly appreciated by each and every guest who received them with the invites.
  • Outstation Youngsters: One of the couples I would say, instead of a week before, they rather did it a week later of the wedding wanted to destination youngsters. Just 100 friends were flown to Goa from Delhi for 2 nights, to end the celebrations and convey their gratitude to each guest who flew from all over to be a part of their special celebrations.
  • Pre Wedding shoot cum a Family Holiday: The bride wanted her pre wedding shoot to be absolutely different, and her families to be a part of it. We organized her shoot at Maldives, where we surprised them by sending both sets of families (bride and groom), 2 days later, and the shoot with families was organised with the couple.

Style & Sophitication with a Touch of Elegance in Every Decoration

Each bride rather each couple, each family desires for their celebration to be unique and memorable and we absolutely strive towards it to fulfill it in the most beautiful way we can. Being a part of their one of the most joyous celebrations, making their dreams come true is truly overwhelming for us. Our company name T’zires “together we dezire” truly reflects in every aspect of our work, whether it’s through wedding planning or wedding decoration in India styling or guest logistics.