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(Online / Distance Learning)

Making Dreams Come True

Weddings:  Blight or Bloom

Lord Byron has defined marriage as: “The bloom or blight of all Men’s happiness.” Marriage, which signifies the cooperation that the gods decreed would lead human beings towards the attainment of their ultimate goal, represents an auspicious occasion. This occasion marked by joyous celebration of the joining of man and women in holy matrimony, of bonding, of the  relative security of two persons beings together as one unit, part of a family, of a community and , by logical extension, a part of society. Marriage is perhaps one of the oldest institutions of the world. A lifelong relationship between two individuals who vow to care for each other and share their joys and sorrows, and promise to support and the concept of marriage, too, has changed over the ages.

Marriages have always been governed by customs, traditions, usages and conventions from time immemorial. Beginning with the practice of “Gandharva marriage”, in which by only placing a ring on the bride’s finger, the marriage was treated as valid and proper, to the brilliance and grandeur of the current-day celebrations, the wedding ceremony has experienced many transformations in form, although, there has been little dilution in its substance.

This course encompasses a study of customs and rituals, of communities and regions in the India subcontinent, with a view to incorporating them appropriately in the wedding ceremonies. In every session, you will find helpful guides on etiquette (both traditional and contemporary views,) and ready- to use checklists to help organize every facet of a wedding. The checklists deal with all outside services you will be depending upon including caterers, photographers, florists, musicians, car rentals and so on.

Certification Course Description :

Certificate in Professional Wedding course is an intensive program designed to educate students on the business best practices, methods, and techniques to get started in the wedding planning industry right away. As a graduate of this course, you will be able to design, plan, organize, and deliver any wedding event.

Program Faculty :

Ms. Neeta Raheja – India’s first Wedding Consultant

Neeta Raheja is a nationally recognised wedding consultant, who has done her masters in mass communication, with a specialisation in wedding management.

Her articles on the various aspects of Weddings, the highly specialised wedding rituals, jewellery, cuisine etc. have been published in both Indian and Foreign journals from time to time. Her research on the same topics has been documented in a book titled “How to Arrange an Indian Wedding”, which has been immensely popular both in India and abroad. Her columns are appearing regularly in all editions of The Times of India across the country.

Since the late eighties, when she began her career as a Wedding Consultant, Neeta Raheja has arranged many traditional and unique personalised weddings all across the country and in Canada and USA. As a wedding consultant, she undertakes the organisation and planning of every aspect of a wedding- from the venue to the menu, its conceptualisation for decor, invitation cards to mithai boxes, to the trousseau packing and even the honeymoon, if required.

Neeta Raheja is a regular faculty member of ‘Indian Institute of Event Management’, New Delhi and a consultant to all media pegs in world of weddings. From websites ( & to magazines (Vivaha, Wedding Affairs, Bride & Home, Grehlakshmi, Sakhi) and from newspapers (Times of India, Hindustan Times, Telegraph) to Wedding Events (Vivah 2003, Bridal Asia, Bride & Groom) she’s the lady behind the concept of Wedding Management and plays a significant role in giving Weddings an industry reorganization.

Online – Certificate Course :

Duration          :  3 Months
Study Material :  PDF /Live Streaming/ CD/Flash Viewer
Workshop        :  Online (Multiple Choice Method)
Certificate        :  Delivery through courier within 5 days after successfully completing the

Eligibility Criteria :

  • Eligibility : HSC (12th) Pass or above

The Program :

We would like you to run through a common quote cum explanation on what we do get from our prestigious clients.

“When my husband and I decided to get married, I had always thought I could handle all of the arrangements on my own. A few months before our wedding, I had attended my sister’s wedding and the poor thing was all over the place worrying about everything from ‘why aren’t the flowers here yet’ to ‘did the musicians set up in the right place?’

I knew that I could not let this happen to me. I’m a bit of a worrier and very picky. This meant I needed someone to help. It had to be someone with vast experience and have the ability to make fast decisions under pressure.

I honestly could not have been more blessed when I met Neeta Raheja of Creative Explosions. She fit every idea I had in my mind. She remembered everything we had talked about like a family member would. She was able to accomplish everything I needed and so much more. We had an outdoor ceremony in the mountains and she actually researched other weddings up there to give us information we would have never known if it was not for her. When it comes down to it, she was like having family there without all the hysteria!

On the day of the wedding I didn’t have a worry in my mind about the caterer or the musicians. All I was thinking about was how lucky I was to be marrying the man of my dreams. The day was flawless. That would have never been the case if I didn’t know that Neeta was there to worry for me just like I would.

Thank you, Neeta from the bottom of our hearts. We could have never done it without you!”
    – Munjals from Hero Honda Group

Media coverage of Event Organizer :

Forbes insights:

Neeta Reheja has planned more million dollar weddings that she cares to remember, but she can still get nervous when a big, expensive show is about to go off. On this occasion, she was standing on the wedding ground amid thousands of awed guests, watching the grandest entrance she had ever been asked to pull off. Two helicopters were flying in low, and as they hovered over the crowds, the groom was lowered from a cable onto the stage. A massive construction crane rumbled from just outside the wedding grounds, and its huge arm wheeled around to deposit the bride next to her new partner.
The second helicopter started dumping fresh rose petals by the bucketful, and, right on cue, a DJ started playing a popular hindi song about lovers flying through a shower of rose petals. For more details follow this link.

Course Objectives :

Participants to the said workshop will discover how to:

  • Start and manage a successful wedding planning business
  • Incorporate the latest trends in wedding design and coordination to build your business
  • Market for continuous growth

Who Can Join :

This workshop is not designed for brides and grooms who are planning a wedding. The workshop focuses on how to operate an effective wedding planning business.

“This is a career for a versatile person. An aspirant needs to be hard working, outgoing, flexible, detail oriented, organized, a self-starter and customer service oriented. “An aspiring planner must know the wedding events and rituals of different castes and religions to plan it accordingly. A wedding can be an elaborate affair lasting from two days to 15 days depending upon the customs of a particular caste. You are expected to have a high level of energy and self-motivation to sustain yourself. Besides, you should be prepared for any eventuality, as things can go wrong prior to such a complicated event.”

Why we :

  • Fully Online Workshop – Study when you want 
  • Study at your own place 
  • No classes to attend 
  • No travel expenses 
  • Expert trainer support 
  • Registered Commercial Training Organization

Program Content :

Introduction to Weddings

– Weddings-A Mega Event
– Weddings-A rapidly growing Industry

Indian Weddings

– Pre and Post Wedding
– Types and number of Ceremonies
– Significance of Ceremonies
– Requirements of Ceremonies

Facilitating Weddings

– Venue Selection & Planning
– Guest Lists & Invitations
– Photography & Videography
– Wedding Music
– Catering
– Other Peripherals

Weddings Décor

– Theme Planning
– Props in Decor
– Flowers-Selection & Planning
– Sound & Light

Wedding Logistics

– Rentals & Permissions
– Accommodation, Travels & Rentals

Trousseau Planning

– Gift Giving
– Gift Wrapping

Planning a Perfect Wedding

– Sourcing & Networking
– Six months countdown calendar

Wedding Coordinator

– Role & Significance
– Marketing Weddings
– Presentations/PR
– Reporting a Wedding

Training Pedagogy :

Case Studies
Debates and Discussions
Workshops/ Lectures/ Presentations
Peer Group Learning

Applying for the Program :

The application form along with DD in favor of “Creative Explosions” may be sent to the Program Office (PDP), Creative Explosions, D-49, Defence Colony, New delhi-110 024. Application form is enclosed with this brochure.

Course Fees :

The program fee is Rs. 15000/- per student  which includes tuition fees and course material.

Wedding Planning Studies :

The Certificate in Professional Wedding Planning is an online course and is the perfect course for you if you want the skills and knowledge to be able to plan weddings.
 Enhance your employment opportunities with venues specialising in weddings
 Design resources that will help you to plan weddings professionally and that you can use in your own business
 Develop an in-depth understanding of budgets, timelines and checklists, working with other vendors and managing the wedding day
 Bring your creative thinking and organizational skills together with a passion for weddings

Why should I study Wedding Planning ?

If you have a passion for working with people and you love arranging events and social gatherings, a course in Wedding Planning could be perfect for you. The techniques, tips and knowledge you will gain from these courses will enable you to become a wedding planner, and combined with certain entrepreneurial skills, you could even open your own small business in the wedding & events industry.
We have developed a range of Wedding Planning courses to cater for your individual needs. Whether you are just starting out in this industry or if you’re already an experienced wedding planner, our range of courses will give you the skills you need to organize, plan and execute the perfect wedding ceremony and reception. You will also learn about the different types of cultural weddings in India, South Asia, western and learn how to arrange each one according to the different traditions. If you are interested in the more advanced courses, you will acquire detailed knowledge on arranging high profile weddings and how to market your business at bridal shows.

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