Complete Planning & Budget Advice for Wedding Destination

Some people may visualize their picture-perfect wedding on a beach at sunset, while for other the church is the perfect wedding location. There is no ultimate best place for a wedding. It all depends on your and your soon-to-be spouse likes, tastes, desires and wants.

The term “wedding destinations” usually refers to a place where their wedding will be held, and most likely the honeymoon will be spent. Many people would like to include a ballroom or other setting in a colonial mansion that can be turned into an event venue. Others may envision about jumping out of a plane for their wedding. You can cherry-pick an abode just out of your home state or even out of your country, the possibilities are endless.

How to Choose a Wedding Destination?

Deciding your destination wedding can be an exciting as well as a challenging task. However, the choice of destination should be made by both the prospective bride and groom. If the honeymoon is also to be held there, it must include activities that both can enjoy.

You can ask your family and friends where did they get married? What was good about it? You may just find the perfect wedding destination is right around the corner or you may find yourself considering some far-off place that you never would have thought of before.

Before you assume you have to travel a long distance to find the perfect wedding destination, make sure to look around for options right in your locality nearby. At times, some great gems might be hiding in your own backyard. It’s more convenient for you to learn about places that are close to you. You talk to wedding planners in your area, as they could likely point you to some great destination ideas.

Role of Wedding Planner in Destination Wedding Planning:

A wedding planner / Wedding day-of-coordinator is an essential ingredient for organizing your dream destination wedding. They are the professional who take care of all necessary wedding licenses, and have good connections overseas with resorts, venues, photographers, florists and other necessities you will require on you best day. For your guests, the wedding planner can communicate with a travel agent so that the guests can easily reach the same hotel / resort or in hotel close proximity. Choose a the best wedding planner for your destination wedding.



Perhaps the most exciting part of getting married for a bride-to be ,  is the shopping . Because the pre-wedding period is one time when she can throw caution to the winds and shop till she drops without feeling a wee bit guilty . For , most brides will agree that weddings is a once-in –a- lifetime occasion ,deserving nothing but the best , be it clothes , jewellery or accessories .

The Indian trousseau is a visual treat and offers a challenge in its making . It is one pleasurable chore that encompasses the use of rich materials , skills and aesthetics.

Here are a few tips from our experts …….

  1. It is important to strike a balance between the traditional and the utilitarian, giving equal importance to propriety and style . Hence it becomes essential to plan a trousseau well in time . The number of ensembles that go into the making of a trousseau generally run into auspicious numbers of 11, 21 , 31 , or even a magnificent 51 or 101 , depending upon the demands of the customs or your personal budgets.
  2. Colours for trousseau are normally vibrant , white and black which were considered taboo , are slowly gaining popularity . Silver , gold , offwhite , biege and pastels are increasingly becoming popular , the brides are also opting for unconventional colours like prune , khakhi greens and turquoise for their bridal attire instead of the usual reds , burgundys and magentas .
  3. A trousseau must consist of a variety of outfits , that should be a good mix of saris , salwar –kameezes , lehengas and ghaghra sets , with a sprinkling of western outfits . For the career women , casuals and semi casuals are more the order of the day , comprising jackets teamed with trousers and skirts , with few shirts and scarves thrown in ; and for the traditional touch , a few classic salwar –kurtas . The trend is to go in for coordinates , mix-and match , get a couple of strapless blouses to go with your lehengas or chiffon saris and sexy skirts to coordinate with the traditional “zardozi” cholis !

These will see you through the cocktails and the corporate meetings .

Though formal evening wear is a necessity for weddings and large functions , these are few and far between , so it is better to keep the totally formal ensembles to a minimum .

  1. Whatever outfits come and go , the sari still reigns supreme . And it is mandatory for a bride to have at least half a dozen ”heavy” saris as part of her trousseau. With the ethnic wave continuing unabated , these saris must include a laden-with-traditional ‘Kanjeevaram’ , a brocade ‘Banarasi’, A ‘Jamewar’, an exquisitely embroidered ‘Kantha’ , a richly fabled ‘Baluchari’, and a beautifully woven ‘Chanderi’,. Add to it a ‘Paithani’, with real gold thread embroidery , and a piece each of ‘Patola’, Tanchoi’, a ‘Pochampalli’from the town of the same name , ‘Jamdani, Ikkat , Maheshwari and ‘Dhakai’ silk . Throw in a couple of Mysore silk and georgettes , slinky chiffons , gorgeous-to drape crepe-de-chines and chamois satins for contemporary informal wear .
  2. The ‘above’ heavy stuff only constitutes the backbone of the trousseau. The rest has to be fleshed out with ‘party-wear’ and ‘casual wear’. For your other outfits , be it salwar-kameez and churidar sets , you have a wide choice of ‘zardozi’ and ‘zari’work , as well as the more contemporary swarovski studded evening wear in fabrics like silks and brocades , khadi silks and tussars , with sheer net heavily embroidered dupattas . For the semi formal look , the focus has now shifted to crystals , sequins and aari and dhabka work , these look as good as gold embroidery and also do not get spoilt in the long run .

Crepes , and lycra are increasingly popular for casual wear , the emphasis is on the indo-western fusion look , cottons and linens remain trendy as always .  With casual outfits , your preference should be on fabrics that are easily maintained .

  1. The next big thing on your agenda should be the jewellery . Here again , tradition melds well with experimentation . Have ethnic jewels and heirlooms co-existing in a flattering fashion with western pieces .Get sets of different precious metals and gems to wear with all those changes of attire . Keep old jewellery , it never gets outdated , think a thousand times before you order a meltdown and re-set job .

Remember , a single stunning piece is more effective than a heap of “locker ornaments”, you will hardly ever get to wear. Be a savvy bride , keep those heavy pieces of jewellery you are bequeathed with , while building along a collection of modern , compact , eye catching designer pieces .

  1. A wedding trousseau is’nt a wedding trousseau sans the right undercover details. When better to equip yourself with than those frothy bits of nothing ?

There is nothing like lingerie to make you fell sexy and sensual , to make the thoughts of those beautiful honeymoon nights ahead more exciting .

So, what should you have in your lingerie wardrobe-Bras , lacy in black , white and flesh toned ., under wired and strapless for those cocktail evenings.

Panties –try the style that suits you best , briefs , hipsters , french cut, bikinis and throngs , or get one of each in the basic white , black and skin . Get a little outrageous , try reds , and oranges , midnight blue, and perky peach –see how they change the way you feel !!

If you wear westerns , you will need ,Full and half slips , petticoats , camisoles and bodysuits .

Finally , sleepwear , what do you go in for –see through negligees and nighties , but only if you find them comfortable and they don’t inhibit your attitude , night gowns sleepshirts , pyjama suits and teddies ….be a femme fatale if you can , the choice is entirely yours .But most importantly , whatever you wear (or don’t wear), don’t forget to wear your smile

  1. Another essential required to be in the bride’s survival kit are her cosmetics , lotions , gels , creams , mousses et al . Do not forget the all important fragrances , sprays and perfumes .Ditto for a pack of panty liners and ST’s.
  2. Other favourites are mama’s old shawls , definitely a pashmina or a jamewar , that is passed down generations , old pictures – a set neatly compiled in an album , the old stuffed toy you grew up with , and the like……
  3. And , all those crazy trinkets –glass bangles, parandis , bindis , bichuas etc. without which an Indian woman’s makeup is incomplete.

11.Finally , the earlier you start collecting your trousseau , the better . Sales could give you bargains you’d never get your hands on , and exhibitions could give you one-of –a –kind ensembles no other bride will have .

Shop in small spurts , do not cram a lot of shopping time into one day –sensory overload will make you miss what you really want , and fatigue could make you buy something you don’t really need in your trousseau .


So yes , its true ,  it is usually the bride who puts together a trousseau , but its about time you , the groom ,updated your wardrobe too..….

As a new groom , you do need to have a good quality wardrobe , after all marriages are usually followed by rounds of invitations to dinners and lunches . So it helps to have a wardrobe that will hold up to the hectic social rounds .

Your basic wardrobe should include a good blend of ethnic and western wear .

1.Ethnic wear , we must warn you needs a certain air , a self-assurance to carry it off well . However, the good news is that this style comes naturally to most Indian men .Your ethnic wear should include musts like :

“Kurta-pyjama” , in a variety of fabric and styles.

A “sherwani “or two in brocade or tussar , perhaps , pearl buttoned , for that formal touch

One “bandgala” Jodhpuri suit , tailored to flatter your physique, and how about a freshly starched offwhite dhoti for daywear , and maybe a silk one for the evening ?

For the more adventurous , a “chogha”,and matching “safa” is ideal .

Get yourself atleast one jamavar shawl to wear with your sherwani and achkan , and perhaps even “churidars “ to coordinate

  1. For western wear , nothing works better than a three-piece suit for the formal evenings Quality bow ties are still in vogue , and ofcourse , so are ties . Nothing bold, nothing flashy and definitely nothing with mickey mouse motifs . Make it top –quality tie/bow /cravat , and match it with the rest of you attire .

Add  some good dress shirts .

Your shirts should be carefully chosen . Take proportion, colour , shape , pattern and texture into consideration .And , not to forget your own individuality.

The five basic patterns: Solid Plains, Pinstripes , Oxford weaves , Checks and prints . Get yourself a mix of each . But make sure you have couple of pristine whites to add formality and freshness to your wardrobe. To spice up your evening look , a black silk shirt is an absolute must .

  1. T-shirts in excellent quality knits is what you need for the casual look .Avoid synthetics if you can , the natural fibre lets you breathe specially in the summer months .

A denim shirt or jacket is an invaluable asset in your closet . And if you can afford one , a leather waistcoat is just what you need to add a touch of panache’ .

  1. Next build up your trouser wardrobe. Start with the basic black , a navy and a grey –these will go with most of your shirts . Then add on some tan twills , corduroys , cotton khakis –beiges and neutrals , and a pair or two of good denim jeans .
  2. A dinner jacket is absolutely essential -in black or navy , as is a blazer to complement your formal trousers .
  3. Accessories –shoes , socks , and belts can distinguish your wardrobe .

Shoes –Dress shoes should have an understated elegance   , so they must be leather .   Choose oxfords in black , mahogany or brown , conventional with three eyelets . Casual shoes include loafers and sneakers . And for traipsing down the street in style , the best quality “kohlapuris”, you can get your feet into . Your ethnic wear calls for “jootis” in brown or black or neutral tones , handcrafted with the most intricate of embroidery or gold work on them.

Socks :match your socks either with your suits , or the shoes , whichever colour is more dominant . No loud patterns , please.

Belts :Simple , dignified and good quality leather is what you must aim for . Make sure the buckle is sleek and simple , no ornate buckles please , particularly for those battling the paunch !

Unlike western wear , ethnic wear calls for dramatic accessorisation , if you can carry it off , get some “kamarbandhs “,a “safa”, with a jewel in it , a long string of pearls , and yes , even a sword sheathed in a leather or velvet case .

What else do you need ?

For the days when the sun is too bright , get yourself a pair of international quality sun shades  , and a dozen or more snowy white handkerchiefs , monogrammed if you wish to , do remember though that neat folding is essential for impact !

  1. Night wear –as in a pyjama suit would not be out of place in your wardrobe –you can’t always be on a honeymoon ….

A robe –a flannel one is a good investment .

  1. Don’t forget innerwear , go wild or subdued , the choice is yours . International quality brands are now in the Indian market , and the local companies are offering you a never before variety , so take your pick .

Beachwear may be a good idea too, choose from bikini style or boxers , depending upon your personal style statement . But buy the best possible quality you can get , this will prevent the garment from the usual sagging .

Sweaters-cashmere, fair isle, cabled , chunky and the luxurious mohair –would not be amiss in your wardrobe .

  1. Ah , yes . Keep the fact that people judge you by the state of your wallet . Make sure it is sleek , and classic in style , and never bulging , that’s crass !

For the informal look , you could also go in for a hand tooled leather pouch to wear on your belt .

  1. Then watch your watch . Try a chronograph –gold plated , ofcourse, or a swatch for sporty everyday use, and a classic leather strapped , old fashioned Roman numeraled to make a nocturnal impression .
  2. And finally –good perfume , the best that you can afford –layer your fragrance with a matching range of soaps / gel , body lotion ,after shave , cologne , and skin moisturizer.Wear the fragrance that goes best with your individual characteristics, be it sporty for the rugged type , spicy for the man-about –town , or nuetral for the guy who likes to keep a low profile.

And , last of all , get  for yourself a positive attitude .!!

A piece of advise -Always buy the best you can afford . A small , good quality timeless wardrobe , carefully selected with an eye for classic style – can go a long way .


Solah Shringar or the beautifying rituals…one for every part of her body, beginning with the top of her head to the tip of her toes , has been customary with brides since times immemorial .Through the ages,every bride has been following almost the same rituals to enhance her looks , with slight modification in the actual process associated with that period or era. This tradition probably takes root in the “royal baths “, where the queens were anointed with aromatic oils and bathed in fragrant water baths filled with attars or rose petals to make them soft and glowingly beautiful for their kings !



Anointing the body with scented oils or unguent before the bath , for several days prior to the wedding , was , and to some extent , still is a common practice amongst brides . However , this has become more of a token ceremony today , with beauty parlours ,herbal baths, and spas fast replacing the ritual . Bridal massages and packs are in fact , so popular that all commercial parlours are vying with each other to offer the bride a little something extra to make her D-day extra special .

Suparna Trikha , who is a natural beauty expert , and runs a natural treatment centre in Nizammudin , Delhi offers a pre –wedding package of ‘pure bridal pampering’ , inclusive of skin , hair and a diet programme claims , “the moment you come to us , we start beautifying you for your special day”.

This begins with an analysis of the hair and skin types and special diet routines that exclude all sweets (except those that are a must for ceremonies ), aerated drinks and fried foods. Eat full meals , she advises , that include clear soup , cabbage and spinach to flush out toxins , with plenty of soda and water , to keep the pimples , acne and blemishes away .

Inspired by the queens of yore , her special package includes a rare and expensive body massage of pure rose oil depending upon skin type. This is followed by a dry fruit pack made of almonds , walnuts , figs and pistachios , which is kept on for 25-30 minutes and then washed away with pure milk .
Time was when brides were bathed in milk mixed with saffron , camphor and various other aromatic herbs . According to Suparna , who takes you back to the bygone era , milk is a natural bleach , and ‘kesar’ or saffron , a natural toner .
Aromatherapist Blossom Kochhar points out that apart from the usual body treatments that form a part of the pre-bridal package , they have developed an exotic mood oil for the would-be-brides called ‘Bridal Bouquet’ Their body massage with this aromatic oil actually helps pep up the bride .


The ritual of Solah Shringar , starts with the feet and upwards to the legs, and then to the waist , back and neck , the three vital zones that are not just the most sensuous but also the most essential . So, while body exfoliation, waxing , bleaching , head and body massages form an integral part of the pre-bridal packages offered by beauty parlours , packs for the hands and feet ,as well as manicure and pedicure ,are often part of the deal as well . After all it is the hands that are the most exposed and the most used during the wedding ceremonies , says a bride-to-be. “Hands are the most violated as well as the most sensitive parts of the body “, agrees Suparna , who has developed a special carrot and margosa pack for her brides’ hands . And , for the feet , she offers the “Cleopatra Foot Bath “, where the bride’s feet are dipped in pure hot milk mixed with rose petals and a combination of aromatic oils .The feet are then exfoliated with sugar and lemon solution to remove the dead cells, and massaged with almond oil, to get them soft and ready for the mehendi.

These body treatments are recommended at least 2-4 days prior to the wedding , say the beauty consultants . “The bride-to-be should be cautious with regard to experimenting in beauty treatments “, asserts Blossom. She should not try bleaching , threading or waxing for the first time just before the wedding . If she wants to go in for something new, such treatments should be attempted at least a month before the D-day , as her skin may react adversely to them.




If the bride-to –be has a clear skin , she should avoid using bleach or any other strong cosmetics. Instead she should just opt for a face massage , and cleaning followed by a face pack . Facials and face packs have today become a prerequisite to bridal shringar, with each parlour offering their special brand of facials . Blossom Kochhar offers Aroma facials , her highly popular “Chocolate Souffle” and “Champagne” facials are guaranteed to give a pearly sheen to the bride’s skin. Shahnaz Hussain has for her bride the “Gold facial “, to make her glow and look miraculously beautiful on the eve of her wedding …
Once the massages and packs are over , the final makeup of the bride is taken over by the make-up artistes , whose job is to concentrate on the face and the hair , for ,after all it’s the face that is the most subjected to the cameras and flashlights . Most parlours give a combination of the pre-bridal package as well as the bridal make-up , offering a choice of make-up for the brides-to-be , from special make-up for the ‘day-brides’, to ‘evening -brides’, the ‘traditional look’ and the more contemporary one . Their bridal service includes doing up the hair, with your choice of flowers, gajras, venis, chhotis etal (some may request you to bring your own flowers), and assistance in draping the sari & the odhinis , as well as in wearing the jewellery . “The idea is to send the bride from the parlour straight to the mandap”, says Suparna , at whose parlour the bride is even given a light snack and a compulsive half an hour of rest , so that she is totally relaxed before she steps out . Delhi’s Hair & beauty experts, Ambica Pillai and Vidya Tikari ,who specialize in bridal makeover , are so popular for their services,that you need to book a couple of months in advance to be able to avail them.
Says , Vidya, “it is absolutely essential to coordinate your makeup with the time of your wedding and the attire you choose to wear. A morning wedding requires light subtle make-up , likewise with fluorescent lights in the marriage hall that demand that light make-up should be used , while in case of yellow lights, you can opt for much heavier look.”
Finally , do not experiment , remember , all eyes are invariably focussed on the bride on her wedding day. Therefore , she should feel confident that she is looking her radiant and beautiful best before stepping out into the limelight . A fact that most brides do seem to agree with these days , considering that even the most harried of brides also seems to find herself devoting those 3-4 hours on her wedding , to give herself that last minute transformation .

20 Wedding Planning and Money Saving Tips

Weddings automatically spell out lavish parties, designer outfits, jewelry and receptions, all of which can cost the entire earth! However, It is possible to for you to save money and still have your dream wedding, without compromising on style.

  1.   Fixing a budget:

The first step towards a well thought-out wedding plan. Decide on the amount that you intend to spend and allow for 25% additional expenses for all the minor unplanned items.

  1.   Try out New Designers:

Instead of buying an expensive wedding lehenga, try out new upcoming designers for a made to order outfit. They will not only put their time and effort into making you look beautiful but their price will be reasonable and the satisfaction guaranteed! The same could be done with your invitation card designer!

  1.   Re-utilize your mom’s wedding outfit:

Better still, have your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding outfit redone and fitted to your size. This way you not only save money but will also make a complete fashion statement. It is a trend that is fast picking up amongst brides, remember Priyanka Gandhi did it , so can you !

  1.   Share the entire expense:

Think about opening a wedding bank account. The tradition of placing the entire burden of expenses on the bride’s family is a thing of the past. Most couples now pay a proportion with parents contributing to the costs and having joint ceremonies , particularly the pre wedding Cocktails & Sangeet , as well as the Reception , this way you can still have lavish parties , yet save your money .Most of all , you will get added appreciation of your guests who really do not have the time these days to go to duplicate ceremonies .

  1.   Record everything:

Keep accurate records of what you have ordered, the total price, the  deposit given and the balance that is due. Stay organized!

  1.   Morning weddings are the new trend:

Be flexible about your plans – and save money. Wedding on a popular day like Saturday costs more, as do night ceremonies .If you can consider a weekday wedding, for instance, or if possible an off season one , you will probably be quoted less by all the vendors for the ceremonies ,  and still get your first choice. A morning /late afternoon wedding can help cut down tremendous costs on lighting, generators etc, without your compromising on the décor .

  1.   Buy and book well in advance:

Remember the early bride gets the deal! Start shopping around as soon as your wedding date is fixed, don’t wait for the last hour.This way you can look around for bargains and sales . Book your photographer, venue, caterer and entertainer well in advance. Get them to agree in writing that if they put up their prices before the wedding, you will still pay the agreed price.

  1.   Have it on paper:

Get a written confirmation from all your suppliers as well as the photographers, florists, caterers and car hire company. Give a preferred short list to your photographer and confirm final numbers to the caterers. This helps in avoiding confusion and the risk of being overcharged.

  1.   Be Season-able:

Select flowers that are in season as they are inexpensive – try a mix of textures , fresh flowers mixed with dry and silk ones , not only does this look unusual and different , this combination also works out economical esp in the summer months as fresh flowers are wither away too soon !!

  1.     Send personalized invites:

Address your Invitations by pen, preferably in black ink , it looks classy , adds a personalized touch , yet saves on label costs .

  1.      Let the menu be full of appetizers:

Make extravagant food such as fine seafood as  hors d’oeuvres rather than serving it as a main course.

  1.      Say yes to toasts:

Serve sparkling wine for the cocktail reception and save the  finest champagne for the toasts only.

  1.      Have a separate menu for the kids:

For guests under the age of ten, ask the caterer to make up simple and inexpensive meals. The kids will enjoy it more and you pay less, by keeping the plates countdown.

  1.      Have the drinks names after you:

Instead of an open bar, have your bartender make special festive drinks named after the bride and groom. You’ll save a lot on the overall drinks bill.

  1.      Use your friends for their creative and innovative ideas:

This is the time to call up all family and friends to pitch in for help with the preparations. Enlist the help of that talented friend of yours for design and creative ideas

  1.      Have your friends sponsor you:

Get close friends and family to sponsor , Nowadays, this is beginning to be a great option , especially  for those who you are really close to you , here are some choices you can give them , to choose according to their wallets :

Champagne or wine for the wedding? It will definitely ease the load on your budget. Alternately, have one or more persons sponsor that special party you were planning as a pre   wedding bash for very close friends and relatives. Another option would be to have someone sponsor the wedding night at a swank five-star hotel.

 Lastly , have part or all of your honeymoon sponsored .

  1.      Make a couple wish list :

A common tradition in the West, a wedding list is like a wishlist of gifts the couple would like to receive. This is now really catching up in India , go for it , particularly if you are setting up a new home .

This way you can get all the essential  items you need & save  costs on setting up your new home together . You will also find most of your close friends and family will appreciate this gesture , it saves them a lot of thinking and wasteful expenditure as well .

Many couples end up with gifts that are either stored in the loft, under the bed or in a cupboard. And, in some cases, the gifts are repacked and given to another unsuspecting couple

Plan sensibly , Make sure that the gifts you receive do not face the same destiny.

  1.      Avail offers for newly wedded couples:

If your first night is being spent at a hotel, ask the manager if they will include extras, such as complimentary champagne, chocolates and fresh fruits that they offer for newly wedded couples.

  1.      Book your tickets in advance:

Plan your honeymoon well in advance. Make all arrangements and reservations as soon as possible to avail of the best offer at the best rates.

  1.      Travel off season:

A slightly out of season honeymoon, just away from peak times, will get you bargains and bonus packages. Let everyone know it’s your honeymoon. Your hotel might offer you a room upgrade!!