About me

In a world where parents start imagining their child’s marriage during the time of birth, Neeta Raheja has been the perfect rescue. From writing volumes about catering different types of weddings to going back to the roots of Rituals and Traditions that hold the entire society together, she is a Complete Know It All

Neeta Raheja, a nationally recognized wedding consultant, comes with diverse experience in organizing and guiding many traditional and unique weddings nationally and internationally. A good mix of opulence and elegance make for a great wedding, according to Neeta. As a wedding consultant, she advises organizers to oversee every aspect of a wedding planning minutely, for an overall successful ceremony Her list of esteemed clients includes industrialists, fashion designers, media honchos and NRIs. With clients like the Munjals, the Ansals, the Singhanias of India, she has catered to the multifarious wedding requirements of some of the biggest names in the country. In some cases she has even played a pivotal role in the weddings spanning different generations of the same family due to the affectionate and intangible bond she cultivates with her clients.

Neeta was one of the first people to bring the concept of wedding management to India and has played a significant role in revolutionizing the Indian wedding industry. Being a wedding columnist, her articles on the various aspects of weddings have been published in both Indian and Foreign journals, time and again. Her research on various facets of Indian weddings has been documented in a book titled, ‘How to Arrange an Indian Wedding,’ which has received immense recognition globally.

Neeta also spearheaded the foray of destination wedding culture in India. She is one of the first few planners to have had the vision to organize destination weddings at lesser known, bespoke locations in India as well as globally, be it US, Europe, Canada or South East Asia. Due to her wide experience and unique outlook towards weddings, she was invited from India as a key speaker to Destination Wedding Planners Congress 2015. She also runs the very successful, PR & Communications, and Event and Wedding Management company – Very Truly Yours. Established over two decades ago, her company provides complete bespoke PR and Communications services to the biggest names in the industry, as well as Event Co-ordination and Execution for weddings, like décor, pre-wedding and post wedding ceremonies, wedding theme, wedding management, wedding budgeting and wedding vendor resources, amongst many more.
Neeta Raheja believes in adding value to anything that she associates herself with, and that’s where her role as a wedding consultant shines through.