Neeta Raheja – wedding coordinator

Our mission is to plan bespoke memorable weddings, just as you imagined your special day in your dreams! Specializing in customized wedding decor and design and planning, we bring together righteous resources, under the guidance, expertise and dedication of a Seasoned Professional Wedding consultant and Wedding Planner Neeta Raheja to convert your dreams into reality. We will leave no stone unturned to bring your vision come to life.
Design Scheme
Accumulate information from all the varied sources, shortlist different options and creative ideas to keep them ready for the couple so they can make all the decisions.
Entire planning of the wedding including the plan of the wedding day, scheduling activities and rituals. Take care of all bureaucratic matters, confirmations (R.S.V.P), venue booking and more.
Providing reliable suppliers, scheduling meetings with photographers and caterers and organise tastings.
Providing the perfect venue for the party according to the couple’s desire, and take care of flowers, bouquet, party decoration, religious site decoration.
Image counseling, hairstyle, dress, suit, make-up. Indication of professionals, markings.
Laying down the most creative ideas to keep the celebratory vibe in the party alive by providing reliable suppliers.
Counseling and support on the check list of all travel arrangements, ensuring the once in a lifetime experience to be a memorable one.
Logistical support from our end would be available throughout from booking of hotels to arrange for conveyance for foreign relatives and friends | Migrants or other localities.
Provide with the best of ideas, suppliers and support in building beautiful memories for the guests, to remember the couple by.
Plan your big day with the best marriage planners in india. If you are planning to get married and looking for wedding event planners in delhi or budget wedding planners in delhi then neeta raheja is perfect for you.Neeta Raheja – The Wedding Consultant and Wedding Planner will work on your wedding plans from the scratch. And make your big day memorable.

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