20 Wedding Planning and Money Saving Tips

Weddings automatically spell out lavish parties, designer outfits, jewelry and receptions, all of which can cost the entire earth! However, It is possible to for you to save money and still have your dream wedding, without compromising on style.

  1.   Fixing a budget:

The first step towards a well thought-out wedding plan. Decide on the amount that you intend to spend and allow for 25% additional expenses for all the minor unplanned items.

  1.   Try out New Designers:

Instead of buying an expensive wedding lehenga, try out new upcoming designers for a made to order outfit. They will not only put their time and effort into making you look beautiful but their price will be reasonable and the satisfaction guaranteed! The same could be done with your invitation card designer!

  1.   Re-utilize your mom’s wedding outfit:

Better still, have your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding outfit redone and fitted to your size. This way you not only save money but will also make a complete fashion statement. It is a trend that is fast picking up amongst brides, remember Priyanka Gandhi did it , so can you !

  1.   Share the entire expense:

Think about opening a wedding bank account. The tradition of placing the entire burden of expenses on the bride’s family is a thing of the past. Most couples now pay a proportion with parents contributing to the costs and having joint ceremonies , particularly the pre wedding Cocktails & Sangeet , as well as the Reception , this way you can still have lavish parties , yet save your money .Most of all , you will get added appreciation of your guests who really do not have the time these days to go to duplicate ceremonies .

  1.   Record everything:

Keep accurate records of what you have ordered, the total price, the  deposit given and the balance that is due. Stay organized!

  1.   Morning weddings are the new trend:

Be flexible about your plans – and save money. Wedding on a popular day like Saturday costs more, as do night ceremonies .If you can consider a weekday wedding, for instance, or if possible an off season one , you will probably be quoted less by all the vendors for the ceremonies ,  and still get your first choice. A morning /late afternoon wedding can help cut down tremendous costs on lighting, generators etc, without your compromising on the décor .

  1.   Buy and book well in advance:

Remember the early bride gets the deal! Start shopping around as soon as your wedding date is fixed, don’t wait for the last hour.This way you can look around for bargains and sales . Book your photographer, venue, caterer and entertainer well in advance. Get them to agree in writing that if they put up their prices before the wedding, you will still pay the agreed price.

  1.   Have it on paper:

Get a written confirmation from all your suppliers as well as the photographers, florists, caterers and car hire company. Give a preferred short list to your photographer and confirm final numbers to the caterers. This helps in avoiding confusion and the risk of being overcharged.

  1.   Be Season-able:

Select flowers that are in season as they are inexpensive – try a mix of textures , fresh flowers mixed with dry and silk ones , not only does this look unusual and different , this combination also works out economical esp in the summer months as fresh flowers are wither away too soon !!

  1.     Send personalized invites:

Address your Invitations by pen, preferably in black ink , it looks classy , adds a personalized touch , yet saves on label costs .

  1.      Let the menu be full of appetizers:

Make extravagant food such as fine seafood as  hors d’oeuvres rather than serving it as a main course.

  1.      Say yes to toasts:

Serve sparkling wine for the cocktail reception and save the  finest champagne for the toasts only.

  1.      Have a separate menu for the kids:

For guests under the age of ten, ask the caterer to make up simple and inexpensive meals. The kids will enjoy it more and you pay less, by keeping the plates countdown.

  1.      Have the drinks names after you:

Instead of an open bar, have your bartender make special festive drinks named after the bride and groom. You’ll save a lot on the overall drinks bill.

  1.      Use your friends for their creative and innovative ideas:

This is the time to call up all family and friends to pitch in for help with the preparations. Enlist the help of that talented friend of yours for design and creative ideas

  1.      Have your friends sponsor you:

Get close friends and family to sponsor , Nowadays, this is beginning to be a great option , especially  for those who you are really close to you , here are some choices you can give them , to choose according to their wallets :

Champagne or wine for the wedding? It will definitely ease the load on your budget. Alternately, have one or more persons sponsor that special party you were planning as a pre   wedding bash for very close friends and relatives. Another option would be to have someone sponsor the wedding night at a swank five-star hotel.

 Lastly , have part or all of your honeymoon sponsored .

  1.      Make a couple wish list :

A common tradition in the West, a wedding list is like a wishlist of gifts the couple would like to receive. This is now really catching up in India , go for it , particularly if you are setting up a new home .

This way you can get all the essential  items you need & save  costs on setting up your new home together . You will also find most of your close friends and family will appreciate this gesture , it saves them a lot of thinking and wasteful expenditure as well .

Many couples end up with gifts that are either stored in the loft, under the bed or in a cupboard. And, in some cases, the gifts are repacked and given to another unsuspecting couple

Plan sensibly , Make sure that the gifts you receive do not face the same destiny.

  1.      Avail offers for newly wedded couples:

If your first night is being spent at a hotel, ask the manager if they will include extras, such as complimentary champagne, chocolates and fresh fruits that they offer for newly wedded couples.

  1.      Book your tickets in advance:

Plan your honeymoon well in advance. Make all arrangements and reservations as soon as possible to avail of the best offer at the best rates.

  1.      Travel off season:

A slightly out of season honeymoon, just away from peak times, will get you bargains and bonus packages. Let everyone know it’s your honeymoon. Your hotel might offer you a room upgrade!!

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